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Woodstock, NY photos circa 1860s to early 1900s.

  This photo, which I'm guessing was taken around the early 1900s, shows the house built by the Snyder family circa 1847 or 1875. Since then, it has been home to many, such as; the parsonage for the Dutch Reform Church, a private home, a boarding house then stores with apartments above. In 1777, at or near this site, was the Garret Newkirk house which was later occupied by Jacobus Eltinge. This uncaptioned image was given to me by previous owner, LBT Corp in 1999.


After changes upon changes, the house remains pretty much the same and is currently home to:
Basement: Kinetic Sculptors studio
1st floor: Modern Mythology & Pondicherry
2nd floor: Village Green Bed & Breakfast
3rd floor: Owners apartment

For those of you interested in genealogy, there is a whole site devoted to the Eltinge family, Bevier-Elting Family Association, (aka. Eltingh, aka. Elting). Jan Elting came to America in 1657. By 1665 he owned land on Long Island. When the British took over the colony he was unable to cultivate his land and chose instead to travel north. He was a carpenter by trade and in 1672 married Jacomijntje Cornelisdr Slecht in Kingston. He was later one of the witnesses to the signing of the agreement with the Native Americans in 1677 for the New Paltz Patent. He moved to Hurley, near Kingston, where he became a prosperous farmer.

A much later view of the house from a different angle.

Judging by car I would guess this might have been taken in the 50s. Sign on gaslight reads: "Village Green Apartments".

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